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Set Name Description Price  
CLASSIC Set 1 Qt Sauce Pan w/cover All in One Pan w/cover 2 Qt Saucier 3 Qt Sauce Pan w/cover 10 inch Freedom Skillet w/cover 10 inch Sauté Skillet Pan Handler Cookbook Americraft Cleanser $2,995

Pieces in the CLASSIC Set: 9

1 Quart with Cover The Essential 1 Quart unit is the perfect waterless cooking starter piece. Cook several different kinds of vegetables together with no worries of mixing flavors.
2 Quart Saucier Replaced small dome cover
3 Quart with Cover This is a very versatile pan perfect for soups, stews, sauces and pastas.
10 inch Sauté Skillet Perfect for chops and steaks, onions or mushrooms the go to pan in the kitchen.
10 inch Freedom Skillet with Cover Great for the empty nesters or for couples who are just starting out. Fry without grease our demonstration Chicken and Potatoes, steaks, chops, fish, etc.
All in One Pan It’s like a 2 person Wok w/Cover. Great for soups, stir fry, oatmeal and sauces.
Americraft Cleanser 3/pack Cornstarch and vinegar makeup our cleanser to clean and keep your cookware looking beautiful.
Cookbook It's not big because there's not a lot to learn on how to use our fantastic cookware and the recipes will help to get you started.
Panhandler Hold the lid over the pot so it doesn't drip onto your stove or countertop. Only latches onto 7 Ply cookware.