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  Piece Description Price  
Detachable Handles These handles go on the RV Set. One Pot and one Saute. $14
Gourmet/Slo Cooker Base only Can also be used with the Wok or any cookware from the Standard Set. Great for cooking or just keeping food warm like queso dip or meatballs for parties. $139
Military Knob Set Set of four knobs free. Select from: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, Fire Department and Police Department insignia for your cookware lids.
Photos for Fire and Police knobs coming soon.
Panhandler Hold the lid over the pot so it doesn't drip onto your stove or countertop. Only latches onto 7 Ply cookware. $35
Salad Bowl Clear Demonstrators salad bowl so customers can see salad ingredients. $30
Salad Bowl-White Just like the bowl we used in our Demonstration Salad only this one is white in color. $40
Travel Strap This strap keeps the pots strapped down while traveling, like in a car or RV. $19