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  Piece Description Price  
1 Quart Cover In case you lost your lid in the move. $75
10 inch Freedom Skillet Cover The lid for the 10'' skillet used in the demo. $85
10 inch Large Dome Cover 3 in 1 When you need extra height, ie. asparagus or a whole ear of corn this cover works great. Also, it can be used for a stack cooking lid or to bake a cake in the oven. $319
12 inch Large Skillet Cover The same lid as the 6Qt. or 8Qt. $105
12 Quart Cover Extra cover for the lucky ones who bought our 12 Quart Stock Pot when we had them.
12 Quart Stock Pot is completely sold out and discontinued.
2 Quart Cover In case you need an extra one. $85
3 Quart Cover I never have enough lids you might not either. $85
4 Quart Cover This fits your Gourmet Slo Cooker and the Gourmet 2/Skillet 9.5". $95
6 Quart Cover The same lid as the 8Qt. or the Large Skillet.And the Wok $105
8 inch Small Skillet Cover It's the same size as the 2 or 3 qt. covers. Nice having matched cookware, isn't it. $85
8 Quart Cover The same lid as the 6Qt. or the Large Skillet. $95
All in One Pan Lid All in One Pan Lid got lost in the move. $85
Gourmet 2 This is the lid for the 2 Qt. Slo Cooker that is now the 9.5" Gourmet Skillet also called The Freedom Skillet. $69
Wok Dome Cover If it got lost or put into storage across town, we got you covered. $105