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Layaway Sets


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Using our Layaway option makes it easy for you to buy the products that you want by paying for them through manageable monthly payments that you set. This allows you to break down your order’s purchase price into smaller payment amounts.

Only complete Sets are offered to be put on Layaway.
Choose the Set(s) you would like to put on Layaway with the checkbox and click the [Continue] button at the bottom of the page.
You then fill out a small form and send it to us.
We'll then invoice you per the criteria you have selected on the form.

Sets offer more savings to you over individual piece purchases plus they give you a well rounded group of cookware so you always have the proper size.

$0 Details
Works Upgrade
Has Classic set upgrade to Works Set No gifts $3,200 Details
The Classic Set
The Classic Set offers you the most common tools to tackle almost any recipe. Great for empty nesters or college students to get you by. $2,195 Details
The Family Set
The perfect set for a family of four. $2,395 Details
The Deluxe Set
Great starter set for young families or for the person who likes to entertain. It is the Classic Set plus the Family Set. $3,495 Details
The Works Set
This is the Deluxe Set plus the Completer Set. It turns the cook into the Chef of the family. Also, allows you to do the entertaining you've always wanted to do. $5,395 Details
The Kitchen Elite Set
This is for the chef in the family, the one who cooks everyday and loves to do it.The Elite Set consists of:The Works plus The Completer Set plus Paella Pan, Medium Cookie Sheet, Loaf Pan and Jelly Roll Pan. $8,195 Details
The Completer Set no gifts
Just when you thought you were set, you realized that you really could use some bigger pieces for when the holidays are here or your kids or grand kids have grown up and they eat like a horse 'cuz your cook'n is so delicious in your greaseless and waterless cookware. These pieces are already included in The Kitchen Elite Set. $2,795 Details
The Chefs Delight
If you inherited Grandma's set this just completes it. $1,495 Details
Saute Set
Super for the gourmet flash chef in the family. $723 Details
16 Quart Stock Pot
Everything is big in Texas and this pot is no exception. Sixteen quarts of your favorite salsas, beans, sauces, soups or stews. Not in any set, so get one while we have them. $750 Details
Kitchen Kutter Set
This salad cutter is the fastest multi-cutter I've ever encountered. Also, the fastest cheese grater on the market. Hash brown potatoes come out terrific. Use this cutter for carrot/raisin salad, potato pancakes, coleslaw, pizza toppings or anything else that you can come up with. $350 Details
A Custom Set - SEE NOTES
You may build a Custom Set by using the Notes box to tell us what you would like to put on Layaway. Cost of the Custom Set does not show here. $0 Details
Break Up Set
To break up a set there is a $50.00 charge to the customer. $50 Details
Freedom Set
Freedom Skillet $439 Details
The 3 Piece Bake Collection
Three great pieces of bakeware for the family that doesn’t make pies or cakes, but likes to make meatloaf, zucchini bread, jelly rolls and cookies. Loaf pan Jelly Roll pan Medium Cookie Sheet $375 Details
The 5 Piece Bake Collection
So your tired of store bought cookies, pies and cakes. We have the solution for you. A fantastic, marvelous set of bakeware that will shock Mom and Grandma on how your baked goods are better than theirs (unless their already using our bakeware then your on your own). $555 Details
The 8 Piece Bake Collection
The best Bake Collection we have ever has it all. Amazing to bake with and you will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors and in-laws. $875 Details
Stahl Knife Set
Five knives and block $379 Details
The RV Set
1 Quart w/lid, 2 Quart w/lid, 8.5 Saute Pan, handles and bag. $1,312 Details
6 Qt Gourmet Cooker and Base
This is what we all have been waiting for...a large gourmet cooker for bigger families and entertaining. $579 Details
6 Qt Gourmet Cooker w/Cover
6 Quart Gourmet Cooker w/Cover only $549 Details
6 QT. Gourmet Cooker upgrade only
6 QT. Gourmet Cooker upgrade only $150 Details