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Waterless Cooking Basics



Waterless Cooking Basics

(from the cookbook)

Fry an egg. 

When frying an egg, preheat  skillet on medium-low and use a small amount of cooking oil. You may also use your choice of a cooking spray or butter. Fry as usual.  NOTE*  If this method doesn't work for you then follow our method  under FAQ's 

Boil an egg without water.

Place a wet paper towel in the bottom of small pan. Insert 3 eggs for starters, place the lid on the unit. Cook on medium heat until vapor escapes then turn to low. Cook for 10 minutes on low (never lift cover). Pour cold water over eggs, leave a small amount of water and remove the paper towel. With the cover on, shake the eggs to crack the shells. Peel and serve. NOTE: No green rings on yoke!

Fried chicken, without grease.
Start with breasts or thighs and remove all the skin. Preheat on medium. Place chicken in pan, meaty side down. Do not over fill pan. Cook for a few minutes with the cover off to brown. Then cook meat for 10-12 minutes with the cover on. Turn and serve.

A burger, a steak, or a pork chop is great!
Preheat the unit on medium to medium-high heat. Cook for a few minutes with the cover off to brown. Replace cover and continue cooking about 5 minutes. (If you see steam, turn the heat down.) Turn, let brown, and then serve.

Preheat the unit on medium heat. You may add a little butter or extra virgin olive oil for taste, but they are not necessary. Cook for a few minutes with the cover off to brown if desired. Replace cover and continue cooking about 5 minutes (time depends of type and size of portion).

Roast (beef, pork, or wild game).
Preheat pan on medium heat. Sear and brown on one side for 10 minutes, with the cover off. As you turn the roast, place thick sliced onions in bottom or any other vegetables of choice and seasoning. Turn heat to low and place the cover on.

Pour 1 3/4 cups of water and 1 cup of rice into pan - no need to bring water to a boil first. On medium heat, cover the pan. When vapor escapes, close the valve and remove the unit from heat. Let it stand for 20 minutes. The rice will not over cook. Add raisins and serve with milk and honey for a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Beans and pasta.
You can cook beans and pasta just like you always have, but in 30% less time - on medium to low heat. NOTE* Rice, beans and pasta have no moisture, so you must add water. Do not worry about soaking the beans all night. It is not necessary with your new cookware.