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10 inch Liquid Core Electric Skillet Our only piece we still have to buy from Regal, but we're working on that. Great for chicken and potatoes, ribs, cakes, breakfast or dinners this is a super piece. It cooks like an oven. $649
12 inch Liquid Core Electric Skillet Same as the 10'' Liquid Core Electric Skillet only bigger, Yee Ha! $769
Gourmet Cooker/Slo Cooker A 4 Quart Gourmet Cooker/Slo Cooker/Dutch Oven with base and cord, that will feed 8 to 10 people a delicious roast or chicken. Can also, be used for Beef Stroganoff, Jambalaya, Coc au Vin, Italian Pot Roast, or chili.

Includes: [1] 4 Quart Slo Cooker with, lid, rack, base and cord.
Jelly Roll Pan/All Purpose Pan Now you can make those scrumptious pumpkin roll or jelly roll cakes that everybody loves at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. While jelly roll pans look similar to baking sheets, using a half sheet pan instead of a jelly roll pan could ruin your cake. A jelly roll pan's unique dimensions are perfect for giving your sponge or sheet cakes the structural integrity they need in order to stay together after filling and rolling. With a jelly roll pan on hand, you can make its namesake treat without worrying about cracking, crumbling, or burning. $150
Kitchen Kutter This salad cutter is the fastest multi-cutter I've ever encountered. Also, the fastest cheese grater on the market. Hash brown potatoes come out teriffic. Use this cutter for carrot/raisin salad, potato pancakes, coleslaw, pizza toppings or anything else that you can come up with. $350
Square Griddle Grilled Cheese sandwiches, pancakes or ring eggs(like Mickey D's) $325
Stahl 5 pc Knife Set 8 inch Carving knife
8 inch Bread knife
3.5 inch Paring knife
7.5 inch Santoku knife
4.5 Santoku knife