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  Piece Description Price  
10 inch Freedom Skillet with Cover Great for the empty nesters or for couples who are just starting out. Fry without grease our demonstration Chicken and Potatoes, steaks, chops, fish, etc. $430
10 inch Saute Skillet New 10 inch for Sauteing $300
12 inch Large Skillet with Cover Great for large portion dinners or two Porterhouse Steaks. $540
12 inch Saute Skillet From pork chops to fried potatoes or a family style breakfast you'll love this skillet. Also, designed for sauteing mushrooms/onions for steaks. It's my go to skillet. $365
7 inch Saute Skillet 1 to 3 eggs cooked to perfection or small servings of sauted mushrooms or onions. $210
8 inch Small Skillet with Cover Breakfast potatoes never tasted so good. Also, good for smaller dinners or soups. $419
9 inch Saute Skillet Perfect for one to three eggs for breakfast. Designed for flipping those eggs so ladies let the guys in the kitchen to show off. $250
9 inch Small Skillet with Cover Great for one or two pork chops for dinner. $365
Paella/Jumbo Skillet with Cover This is great for making Paella(rice with seafood) or a huge mound of Southern Fried Chicken...we love our chicken! $625
Wok w/Cover Actually a great easy way to stir fry some of those leftovers into brand new recipes that will make your husband fall in love with you all over again. Perfect for the gourmet cooks who like to cook al dente. $585